Warranty & RMA Policy


Document Purpose and Scope:

This document describes the procedure and process for Warranty Return Requests (RMA), This document reiterates and further clarifies the procedures as outlined in any dealer/distributor agreement.

Amending this Policy:

Petawise reserves the right to amend the Policy, in part or its entirety, at any time, with and without notice.

Petawise Responsibility:

Petawise’s sole responsibility hereunder is limited to repairing or replacing the defective products returned by dealers.

For product warranty details, please refer to the following table:

NVR 36 months
IP Cameras 36 months
PTZ cameras 24 months
Analog Cameras 12 months
IPC tester 12 months
Monitors 36 months
Smart Interactive Display 24 months
Switches 36 months
Thermal Cameras 36 months
Decoders 36 months

Return Instructions:

RMA Inquiry:

Email support@petawise.com or call our technical support team at Toll Free: 1-855-956-3494 , Local No. 1-647-559-3494

  • Our engineers will attempt to trouble shoot the Petawise products in an effort to determine the cause of issues

To obtain an RMA we will need the following information:

  • Model number
  • Serial number
  • Detailed description of problem for each defective item.
  • Our engineers will then issue an RMA number
  • Please return the product to Petawise, along with the RMA form.
    • While individual items of a ‘KIT’ may be returned, if an entire ‘KIT’ is being returned, it must be complete, with all peripheral’s boxes and manuals.
    • Return all boxes and manuals unmarked if possible. Any product that is returned without a box, may not come back to you with a box.


  1. 30-day return policy for defective items
    1. Petawise technical support line will issue RMA number.
    2. Dealer can exchange the defective unit to Petawise within 30 days date of purchase.


  1. Defective items over 30 days
    1. Direct dealers can contact Petawise technical support line to request RMA
    2. Petawise technical support team will do remote troubleshooting.
    3. Once Petawise engineers issue RMA, we will check on receiving if the device is repairable. If not repairable, then new replacement will be sent to dealer.


  1. Advance replacement
  2. Petawise has a one year warranty policy for advance replacement.
  3. Petawise will send one replacement to the dealer once Petawise support team issues RMA.
  4. Petawise will issue credit once we receive RMA unit is defective. If issue is not found, we will send same unit back to client and will not issue credit.


  1. Restocking
    1. Petawise has a 30-day restocking policy for dealers. It begins the date of purchase from Petawise. Dealers are required to send the non-defective products with original package and all accessories back to Petawise.

Missing accessories: Addition 10% fee will be applied if missing accessories.

Restocking Fee:       i. Minimum 20% restocking fee will apply (30 days ~ 90 days).

  1. Petawise will not accept credit request after 90 days from date of purchase.
  1. Freight Charges options
    1. Dealers want to ship the RMA unit directly to Petawise.
      1. Dealers will pay inbound freight of the returned product and Petawise will pay the ground outbound freight of the repaired or replacement products to the customer.
    2. Dealers want to drop off the device at Petawise office.
      1. Petawise team will notify dealers once it is ready to pick up.
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