Warranty & RMA Policy

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Terms of Warranty

Petawise is the National Exclusive Distributor of Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd in Canada. As such, subject to these terms, Uniview products are warranted by Petawise Technologies to be free from defects in materials and factory workmanship for the period set out in the table below. Petawise Technologies does not warrant installation.

For product warranty details, please refer to the following table:

NVR 36 months
IP Cameras 36 months
PTZ cameras 24 months
Analog Cameras 24 months
Monitors 36 months
Switches 36 months
Thermal cameras 36 months
Decoders 36 months



This Warranty does NOT cover:

UNIVIEW’s products in any of the following circumstances are excluded from UNIVIEW’s free-of-charge warranty. However, users may choose Out-of-warranty repairs.

  1. If any of the tag, serial number or anti-counterfeit label of the device is torn or defaced.
  2. If the hardware is modified and/or altered without prior consent from UNIVIEW.
  3. To the fault or damage that is caused by using any third-party product, software or components, authorized or not.
  4. To the fault or malfunction that is caused by failure to follow installation or usage instructions covered in the documentation from UNIVIEW, or not using the product for the intended functions or environment.
  5. To cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and broken plastic on ports.
  6. To the damage that is caused by lack of proper protection, or acts of God, as well as impact, squeezing, lightning strike, corrosion, high temperature, falling, foreign matter entry, or improper environmental conditions, including but not limited to earthquake and fire, etc.
  7. To data loss, as UNIVIEW should assume no responsibility for the data stored in or related to UNIVIEW products in any form.
  8. To any common, secondary, accidental or special damage or loss, including loss of recorded data, fees incurred by data recovery, profit loss, product disassembly and assembly, installation and replacement, and fees incurred by any check, test, or redesign work caused by any product defects.
  9. To accessories and consumables, including components of normal aging, wear and tear, such as product documents, power cord, power cable, trunk interface converter box or protective film, unless the fault is due to a defect in materials or workmanship.
  10. Products that exceed the warranty period.


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